Conda Davidson
12:32 14 Jul 19
We installed solar panels on our dock at Lake of the Ozarks when we built our new house and boy are we glad we did! Our highest electric bill has been $7! The entire process was handled professionally and efficiently and we would highly recommend Missouri Solar Solutions!
David W
19:12 26 Jun 19
Great experience working with Paul and his team. They were the best full solution available both in price and quality. After four years with our system it has provided us with an electric bill that is almost ZERO!
Alan Ames
23:09 28 Dec 18
Thanks to a great company servicing their community. Good workmanship and warranty on the equipment.
Benjamin Casteel
11:56 17 Apr 18
I would give Missouri Solar Solutions all the stars in the sky rating. Before buying we researched and had consults from a variety solar companies. Paul Hemmel, with Missouri Solar Solutions was professional and provided us with the ‘facts’. He answered our endless questions and ensured we understood everything so there were no surprises. Paul also was hands on with the installation—-Every detail was attended to ——not only did he ensure the panels were perfectly squared on the roof, he carefully dug up my Iris bulbs and replanted them after the trench was made. The service does not stop once the panels are in place, Missouri Solar Solutions does continuous monitoring and follow up. We are sooooo happy that we picked Missouri Solar Solutions
G. W.
00:00 04 Apr 18
Missouri Solar Solutions provided us a very detailed est., and timeline to install our solar panels. We are extremely satisfied our panels and, their performance has surpassed our expectations. We highly recommend Paul and his team of professionals to everyone looking to save money with Solar power!
Andrew Churchill
18:09 23 Mar 18
If I could give them 6 stars, I would. Paul explained everything very clearly through every step of the process and it all worked out exactly how it was explained.
Doug Routh
18:18 16 Mar 18
Extremely professional and timely. After installation support, even years after installation, is great also. They contacted me regarding a lack of data feedback from the system. Seems the monitoring unit was unplugged from the wall outlet.
Betty S
22:36 07 Mar 18
We were well pleased with Missouri Solar Solutions. The price was competitive, and everything was handled very professionaly from the presentation through installation. Because of the post installation monitoring we felt we were establishing a relationship, not just purchasing some panels.
19:48 07 Mar 18
We have a ground-mount system. We couldn't be happier. No more bill, the savings make our KCPL payment, and we put some money back in our pocket, as well.
Dana Wilbers
17:24 07 Mar 18
Missouri Solar Solutions has been great to work with. The panels do a great job, and Paul is very responsive and easy to work with whenever we have questions.
Tom Scheppers
02:34 07 Mar 18
Excellent installation and great service after the sale.
Jim Luetkemeyer
00:54 07 Mar 18
Paul and his crew at Missouri Solar Solutions are professional, courteous, and very good at what they do. They keep a very clean and tidy worksite. The best thing is the generation of clean energy that has our electric bill at about 20% of what it used to be. Our solar array has performed flawlessly since it went live just under 2 years ago. We have no regrets and we highly recommend Missouri Solar Solutions.
Julie Glenn
05:42 06 Mar 18
It has been an honor to start out as an intern for this family business. All the staff has been wonderful and so patient with me. They are a great group with so much passion for solar. Quick with answers and very down to earth people. They also carry themselves in a very happy way and always make me smile. I know that they truly take care of customers with a very thorough job. The clients become family and this company is there for you years after the install. On more than one occasion as I tagged along in between jobs we stop at past customers homes to trade plants for the garden or canned veggies. I can only dream of being so exact and precise with the way they do things. I need their work ethic in so many other aspects of my life. They also take safety very seriously and that osha 30 training will never leave my mind!! It’s muscle memory folks!! Know that your in good hands working with Missouri Solar Solutions.Ps. All the various charities they support in the community are too many to count!! Back bone of community and passionate to save you money sun up to sun down all over Missouri and beyond!!
Danny Wortmann
23:18 05 Mar 18
I completed a solar installation project with Missouri Solar Solutions in 2014. I was very pleased with how easy they were to work with throughout the project. They were always willing to go above and beyond to meet our requests. Our project included adding a patio underneath the solar panels. They worked well with other sub contractors to make the project come together.Since the completion of the project, they continue to check on our system from time to time. We had an inverter that alerted Missouri Solar Solutions of a potential issue. They followed up on the issue, filed a warranty claim and installed the replacement without me having to do anything.They follow up and do what they say. I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of doing a solar project.
gail plemmons
22:05 05 Mar 18
We have been very pleased with the equipment and service given by Missouri Solar Solutions. They are prompt in responding to questions.We have cut our electric usage in half. We would recommend them highly.
Lynn Barnickol
21:41 05 Mar 18
Professional service is provided by MO Solar Solutions.
Michael DiBenedetto
21:02 05 Mar 18
Paul was great to work with. I have had no issues with my panels and enjoy savings every month. I am very glad I made the choice to solar and glad that I chose Missouri Solar Solutions to get me set up and going.
Michael Couty
21:01 05 Mar 18
We had our system installed three an half years ago and it only took four days. We have not had any issues with the system. I really like going to my app to see how was generated for the day. At the beginning of each month you will receive a monthly status of how was generated over the last month. I have seen our utility bill reduced by Sixty percent per month. During the early spring and fall our bill will average about $120.00 and that is taking care of about 6 thousand square feet. If you ever get a chance to install a system you will not regret it.Michael Couty
Al Belcher
20:05 05 Mar 18
Paul is an expert in Solar solutions. His experience and expertise make it easy to trust him on energy efficiency. My go to guy for anyone with solar power questions and interest.
Daniel Wood
19:10 05 Mar 18
Working with Paul of Missouri Solar Solutions was quick and easy. From initial contact to the installation Paul answered all of my questions and provided detailed plans of what was being installed and when. It was a pleasure working with him and I would highly recommend Missouri Solar Solutions for anyone considering using the sun to offset rising electric costs.
Allen Bluedorn
19:04 05 Mar 18
Two years ago we had Missouri Solar Solutions install 14 solar panels on our south-facing roof, and last year we had them add 14 more to our west-facing roof. Both times we were extremely impressed with the quality of their work and the professionalism of the team that did the installation. Paul, the CEO, is always available to answer questions, and he responds promptly. The system is working well--when the sun is shining we always say, "We're making lots of electricity today"--and we couldn't be more pleased. We highly recommend them to anyone considering adding solar panels to their home, and we have done so to several people.
Leemer Cernohlavek
18:54 05 Mar 18
I am going on my sixth year with my solar system. It has been performing very well since it was installed. I am very satisfied with the system and am very much in favor of solar power. I highly recommended Missouri Solar Solutions as company for installing it.