Property Type

Owner: Dave and Leigh Ann Hartley
Type: Residential
Location: Sweet Springs, MO
Finished Sq. Ft: 2,400sq. ft.
Energy need met: 90-100%


Type: Solar PV Enphase Energy and Solar World.
Installed: April 2018
System Size: 6.96 kW
Purpose: Generation of Electricity

Financial Details

Gross Cost of System: $19,000
30% Tax Credit: $5,700
Value of Utility Rebates: $3,480
Net Cost of System: $9,820
Utility Savings year one: $1,309
Additional Financial Benefit: Increased Property Value

Solar Energy Installer and Supplies

Installer: Missouri Solar Solutions
Energy Analysis: Missouri Solar Solution
Technology Used: Enphase Energy, Solar World and Iron Ridge

Project Description:

A Solar Energy Specialist from Missouri Solar Solutions performed a solar analysis on the home and was able to professionally advise the home on a solar panel system that will address their energy needs.  We advise the homeowner on the cost and return on investment, the technology involved and the installation process of the system. We made sure all of Dave and Leigh Ann’s questions were answered.

A 24 panel ground mount array was designed and installed. The 6.96 kW solar array was installed in April of 2018. Dave and Leigh Ann saw their average electric bill decrease by 95%! On top of the monthly energy savings, Dave and Leigh Ann were able to take advantage of the 30% Federal Tax Credit and local utility rebate. They received a utility rebate of $3,480!

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