It’s simple—solar power means we are able to harness the power of the sun to produce our own electricity. We are able to use a clean, renewable source of energy that will never run out of fuel or pollute the air. Our solar panels are custom made and affordable, saving you money sunup to sundown!

Solar panels are the systems responsible for turning sunlight into electricity. Solar panels are rectangular-shaped panels, also known as “collectors”, that are installed on a building’s roof or ground-mounted in special situations. In solar water heating panels, water is heated by sun energy as it circulates through. Solar electric panels contain materials that convert sunlight directly into electricity.

Why Solar?

Solar is an Investment

Solar can save you money. Solar power can be harnessed to support any type of energy needed to power a home or building. You can “own” the energy at a fixed rate instead of “renting” it from a power utility company at fluctuating and increasing rates.

Solar Saves the Environment

Because 85% of all US power comes from burning fossils, much of which comes from unstable priced foreign oil, anytime you lessen your dependency on utility power you’re helping our country reduce its reliance on energy from energy sources that are environmentally-unfriendly and financially unstable.

Solar Increases the Value of Your Property

Solar is increasing in popularity, making homes and businesses with solar more desirable. The benefits of solar are appealing to prospective buyers, giving an advantage to properties with solar.

Tax Credits & Rebates

You’re probably already familiar with the idea that solar power saves you money on your electric bill. By installing solar panels and utilizing the power of the sun, we are no longer required to use traditional methods (AKA, renting energy from a utility company).

But, did you know that you can get incredible state and federal tax credits and rebates just for going solar? That’s right, in an effort to encourage homeowners and business owners to switch to a renewable source of energy and lower their energy costs, electric companies and the government are willing to offer amazing incentives. The government will offer a 30% full tax credit of the cost of the entire Solar Water Heater or PV system in your home or business.

In addition to tax credits, electric companies offer rebates/refunds to those who choose to go solar. To see a full list of solar rebates, grants, and loans offered in Missouri click here. As one can see, tax credits and rebates dramatically lower the cost of installing solar panels in your home or business. However, these programs are designed to reward early adopters of solar power. As more and more people are choosing to go solar, the rebates are beginning to drop.

If you’re thinking about going solar, there’s no better time than now. Contact Missouri Solar Solutions today and ask about getting a free solar analysis.

Advantages of Solar Energy

In addition to all the money you’ll be saving by going solar, you’ll also be going green. Solar energy reduces our reliance on energy from sources that are environmentally unfriendly. Let’s break it down in simple terms.

  1. Traditional electric companies are using coal produced energy which produces tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). CO2 is a greenhouse gas that is known to build up and warm up the climate (global warming).
  2. Global warming leads to changes around the world in the atmosphere, on land, and in oceans. Global warming causes ice to melt, sea levels to rise, and increased precipitation. What does this mean?
  3. Declining animal populations, movement of habitats to cooler areas, rising sea levels could eventually lead to flooding of entire cities and stronger weather impacts (hurricanes, floods, and droughts)
  4. Carbon dioxide is most often created in the combustion of fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, and oil). While cars and manufacturing plants are harmful to the environment, the impact of a light switch is actually more harmful. The largest source of CO2 being released into the environment comes from electricity. Electricity that powers homes and business accounts for 37% of CO2 emissions.
  5. To reduce CO2 emissions into our environment, consider going green and switching to solar power. The sun will never stop shining, making solar power a renewable source of energy and an excellent alternative to traditional sources of power.