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Missouri Solar Solutions provides a complete range of solar energy solutions for both residential and commercial applications to all of the mid west. Based in Columbia, MO, we are centrally located to install and service the entire mid west with next generation solar solutions.

Solar Electric

The mid west experts in Solar Energy solutions for both residential and commercial applications. Ground and roof mount solutions for your home, office or industrial complex. Whether you want to save on your electric bill or go completely off the grid, Missouri Solar Solutions has a plan for your needs.
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solar hot water

Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water heating can save up to 30% and have pay back periods of only 5-8 years and provide a lifetime of free hot water.
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solar security lighting

Solar Security Lighting

Solar Security lighting solutions can provide exterior lighting in yards, on trails, parking lots and a myriad of exterior applications, saving energy and construction time and costs. No trenching needed!
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Solar Battery Back Ups

Solar energy can also provide you with a battery back up in case of power outages, providing enough energy to keep refrigerators, tv's, basic lighting and other things you need, energized until the power comes back online. 
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Missouri Solar Solutions

Saving you money Sun up to Sun down!

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