The solar system installed by Missouri Solar Solutions has been maintenance free for me since installation and has exceeded my expectations.

Tom Scheppers, AeroMet Engineering

Our Missouri Solar Solution System went live in June 2013 with its first full month of energy production in July. We have a system of 17 micro inverters with an estimated generation of 4.42 kW. The Enphase Enlighten Manager that Paul installed on our PC provides real time monitoring of the system and generates reports that are helpful in understanding its operation. Since going live the system has operated as Paul Hemmel and his crew described.

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Energy production over the six month cycle of operation is running at 94% of the estimated level. The bill for our electrical use for the months of July through November has been reduced by approximately 50%. The system also produced more power than estimated which shows as a credit on our billing from AmerenUE. The experience for the system from November to date in December is for shorter day length and several cloudy days as well. Energy production is approximately 88% of the estimated level for that period. Some energy is produced even on cloudy days and days with some icing on the micro inverter panels.

The only issue we experienced was with the monitoring system as it communicates with the individual micro inverters. The communication issue was remedied by reading the trouble shooting guide, making a contact with the Enphase – Enlighten Monitoring system help desk, and as suggested, removing a second laptop PC that was placed near the wall-mounted monitoring component. Moving the lap top solved the communication issue. Long story short: The monitoring system is sensitive.

We are satisfied with our roof mounted system. Paul and his crew were professional in all phases beginning with the system design to its installation. Paul stepped us through the process of applying for the Ameren UE grant and in getting the system inspected. Paul kept us posted as the approval process through AmerenUE developed. The crew was on sight to install the solar panel frame work and again on installing the panels, wiring, and switch boxes. Ameren UE staff installed the metering device.

My neighbors were curious about the system as asked several questions about energy production and experience with billing and reduction of the electric bill. We responded favorably about the entire process. The solar panels are roof mounted and are not visually intrusive.

Again, all phases of the design to power up went as Paul described and all work was done in a professional manner. I have and will continue recommending Missouri Solar Solutions and Paul Hemmel to neighbors and other interested people.

Lynn Barnickol, Wardsville, MO

Missouri Solar Solutions installed my solar panels in the Fall of 2015. Paul Hemmel provided assistance through every step of the permitting and construction process. He answered all of the questions I had and welcomed any suggestions for changes in design. The panels have performed flawlessly and we are well pleased with the installation and the savings in electricity costs that have resulted. We highly recommend Missouri Solar Solutions as the company to go to for solar panel installation.

Gene and Cindy Bowen, Armstrong, MO

It has been a year and we still marvel at Missouri Solar Solutions. Solar power was new to us, so we researched it from every angle and with every solar provider that we could find. We viewed it as an investment, both financial and environmental. We chose to go with Missouri Solar Solutions due to their knowledge, their understanding of our wants, needs and financial ability. Paul Hemmel is exceptional. He educated us, addressed any concerns, customized it to our needs, was here and DID the hands on work, and if that wasn’t enough he followed up promptly when needed. Even the smallest detailed was attended to – including gently digging up my Iris flowers for the trench and replanting them. You would never know they were touched. We love the fact that Missouri Solar Solutions stands behind their product and work They monitor the system 24/7 and gave us the tools to do the same. We were able to reach out to them with any questions/concerns and they were always right there for us. Thank you for bringing light into our home and dollars into our bank account.

Thank you.

Benjamin & Helene

We have had our solar system for the two and half years. It has been the best investment we have done for our home and our wallet. We have seen our utility bill reduced by seventy percent. For those thinking about a system I would encourage you to take that next step and contact Missouri Solar Solutions they will treat you fair and they are fast and neat.

Michael Couty

We found the team from Solar Solutions to be personable and efficient. They did a very quick job of installing our 24 solar panels and left the site looking great. They handled the paperwork for the city and interacted with city officials to get our system up and running and connected to Columbia’s electrical grid in short order.

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Since we have not had our system running for very long we are still learning how much electricity we will be able to generate.

So far the amount is promising.

We were very favorably impressed with the team at Solar Solutions.

Roy and Elaine Hartley, Columbia, MO

Paul and his entire crew at Missouri Solar Solutions are professional, polite, and attentive. My solar array has exceeded my expectations in terms of energy production and cost savings. It’s actually fun to open my monthly electric bill to see just how little I now spend on electric service. Paul provided all the documentation needed to claim the solar tax credits, too. More than anything, though, it’s just a great feeling to know that I’m doing my small part in helping to protect the environment for the next generation. I highly recommend solar power and Missouri Solar Solutions.

Dr. Jim Luetkemeyer, Jefferson City, MO

After researching solar panels, my wife and I found that Missouri Solar Solutions carried the equipment we wanted at competitive prices. The staff was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful throughout the process. They designed a custom system to meet our energy need. The service Missouri Solar Solutions provided before, during, and after the installation was exceptional.

Michael Meinkoth

Paul & Joe provided a solar system that has exceeded our expectations. The quality of the components and their professional installation are a very good value for our investment. They have provided continuing customer support when we have had questions.

Gail & Brian

I purchased a 7.25kw solar system from Missouri Solar Solutions in August 2013. I found Paul’s and his team to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and informative throughout the planning, electric company approval and installations stages. They provided a plan that was way more affordable than the other solar panel companies that I checked into.

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They also monitor the system to insure that it is operating properly. During the winter, when it had been overcast for a few days, they called to insure that nothing was wrong with the system. Paul had been monitoring it and had noted the decreased output.

I also enjoy my relationship with AMEREN so much more. I am enrolled in Budget Bill with them so it took a few months for them to factor the solar energy into my bill, but once they did I went for several months without any bill from them. In April my bill was about $20, May $24, June $40, July $44.70 and I attribute this to the Budget Bill process since they still owe me $150.

I am glad I went solar and even happier that I chose Missouri Solar Solutions.

Doug Routh

I was very happy to add a clean renewable energy source to my historical building in such a way that did not detract from its historical look. I was quite impressed with the workmanship and professionalism of Missouri Solar Solution. I would recommend them highly.

Dr. Don Vanderfeltz, Vision Health Eyecare Center

Being in the utility industry I know that the cost of electric is only going to rise year over year. This convinced us to proceed with getting solar. I am not one who is graceful with heights let alone carrying panels up to our roof, so our task was to find someone who was. After careful consideration we chose to go with Missouri Solar Solutions. They came to measure, then gave us an estimate and provided a detailed analysis. This provided us with the information we needed to confirm our decision. Our goal was to get rid of our electric bill. We were able to do it and now we only pay our required daily fees the co-op charges. This has provided a predictable electric bill of no more that $20. Missouri Solar Solutions took care of the design, build, permits, and coordination with our electric company. The process was very smooth and the attention to detail was incredible.

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This has work out so well we have recommended Missouri Solar Solutions to whomever we can at every opportunity. So far, another has signed up, that we know of, and they are just as satisfied.

With having solar, we know not only are we securing our energy future, but we are helping our neighbors as well. With having solar and the benefits of net metering our neighbors use the additional solar we do not use during the peak portion of the day. This also helps them as the utility has less stresses on their transformers during the hottest parts of the season. This in turn gives the neighbors cheaper rates as utilities do not need to replace multi-million dollar transformers as early and therefore minimizes their rate increases.

In conclusion, we would highly recommend Missouri Solar Solutions for you solar needs. They are honest and detail oriented. They walk you through the process and walk the panels on the roof!

David W.

We were recommended to Missouri Solar Solutions by a previous customer who researched solar, the various quality of panels, warranties, and companies. Paul was very thorough in his study of our yearly electric costs vs solar production and savings, along with a long term evaluation of each. Throughout the process we had multiple questions that were answered very quickly with explanations on anything we asked. The panels were installed quickly and cleanup was like no one had been here. The Missouri Solar Solutions team was professional and the quality of work was fantastic. The completed job looks great and the solar panels blend into the roof of our separate garage very well. Following the installation Paul has been great about following up with us to see how we liked our new solar panels, if there were any questions, or items he needed to address.

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We feel the best testimonial of how professional/honest Missouri Solar Solutions is; would be when we asked to have solar panels added to our house Paul was quick to explain why he would prefer not to sell them to us. He provided details as to why it was not in our best interest to install panels on the house. He explained that with all of our trees (roughly 24) it would block out too much sun so we would experience low productivity, and never see a return on our investment. He had researched the positioning of our house, took into account the trees, calculated the best positioning, and number of panels for our home. To us, this demonstrated the integrity of Paul and Missouri Solar Solutions since it would have been quite easy to sell us since we love the panels we have so much.

Since the initial installation we have watched our solar production that was estimated to cut our electric bills by approx. 30%. It has been almost a year and we are averaging about a 50% drop in utility bills. We recommend Missouri Solar Solutions to anyone interested in going green and reducing, or eliminating, their electric bills. For about the price of an average car we have something that will last many more years, pay itself off, and return much more in savings back to us.

Glenn & Carla Wingbermuehle

Missouri Solar Solutions was very easy to work with throughout the entire project. As we worked through the design phase of our above ground solar mount, they were very accommodating to any suggested changes we thought of. We have had the system active for 3 months and we are pleased that it is producing at or above projections. I would recommend them to anyone looking to install a solar system.

Danny Wortmann, Wardsville, MO